Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about.

Do I need to Register a Domain?

If you don't have a domain registered, I can point you in the right direction

If I have a Domain, Do I require Hosting?

If you already bought a domain name, you’ll need to get a web hosting provider, too. I would suggest going with someone that has a good history, can offer 24/7 support and that has minimal downtime

What about emails?

If you have a Domain & Hosting, you've already taken the necessary steps to get emails. Login to your cPanel account search for "Emails". There you can setup you own personal email address

Do I need an SSL?

An SSL Certificate makes your website data encrypted, It shows you have a trustworthy website (http –> https).

How do I pay for my Website?

A1 Designs requires 50% of the website cost upfront and the other 50% on completion. Please note if payment isn't made within 30 days of the website going live, A1 Designs holds the right to take down your website.

Will my website be (SEO) Search Engine Friendly?

Yes!, your website will be completely search engine friendly, with all the appropriate heading tags, meta tags and meta Description

Does A1 Designs guarantee you will rank high on Google?

Ultimately in the end having a website build that's Search engine friendly can only do so much. You will need to direct traffic to your website in order to rank high, this can be achieved by doing Facebook Marketing and Google Cost Per Click advertising.